Things on the internet I’m currently geeking out over

Ah, the world wide web.  Such a delightful conglomerate of useless distractions to feed my insatiable procrastination.  How I love it.

Here, a list of five things I’m obsessing over this week:

Puscifer- a side project from the singer of Tool, their first album was released in 2007.  Like a kitten on steroids, this band has a hardcore rock sound that’s curiously laid-back as well.  “Conditions of My Parole,” their fourth album, was released in July of 2011.  I absolutely love listening to them on my frequent four-hour trips to Cleveland.

Check them out on iTunes: Conditions of My Parole - Puscifer

Clint Eastwood’s Superbowl half-time commercial- for anyone too busy stuffing their face between the action, you need to check this out on youtube.  It was hands down (at least in my opinion) the BEST commercial of the game.  I know it was a Chrysler advertisement meant to sell lots of shiny new cars, but it really pulled at my patriotic heartstrings.  Plus, it featured Clint Eastwood, one of the greatest American actors of our time and star of my favorite movie, Gran Torino.  Regardless of all the funny and creative schpeel we’ve come to expect during the Superbowl (strip dancing M&M’s and Doritos commercials, anyone?), it really stood out as the clear winner. I’m not even really sure how to describe this website.  I suppose it’s a mesh between funny sketch comedy, sexual innuendo, and online magazine articles.  A great way to waste time on your lunch break at work.

Since I grew up on farm, I found this article extremely funny:

My family never raised chickens, but apparently there is a lot of sexual abuse going on. As a cook, I love food.  Thankfully, being a poor college student who spends the majority of her money on ingredients that don’t come in a can, I can’t afford to buy bigger jeans.  Solution?  Tempering my explorative palate with a *FREE* online food log.

Is it dieting?  Eh, I don’t really think so.  I like to think of it as eating smarter.  With all the talk over obesity and heart disease today, it really can’t hurt to watch our waistlines and start cooking healthier foods (or really, skipping the fast-food line and cooking at ALL, a talent most of my peers seem to lack or ignore).  By plugging in the things I eat throughout the day, I can see if I’m getting enough protein, or eating too much fat, or going way overboard on the sodium.  I learned that not eating breakfast leads to late-night pig-out sessions while watching the Food Network.

I also learned that I tend to pay more attention in class when I’m not concentrating on my growling, snarling stomach.

If you’re trying to lose weight or just want to keep a healthy figure, check it out! Need a father’s day gift that will one-up all his other kids?  Have a hankering for the world’s largest gummy bear?  Enjoy whimsical kitchen appliances or comic-book printed toilet paper?

Perpetual Kid has your back.  Or your butt, as it were.

As a woman who refuses to relinquish her inner child, I am a proud, frequent patron of this website.  I’ve found gifts for my brother, my dad, my boyfriend, my best friend- really, anything you get from this site will be a hit as long as your recipient isn’t a total scrooge.  I love showing up with an original gift that makes people laugh AND is still totally useful.

Best part of ordering online?  They package your gifts in biodegradable foam peanuts and include a “monstrous” surprise in every box.

More to come!

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