C is for cupcake

I was in a nostalgic mood today and decided to take a whimsical approach to my dessert.

So cute I could eat them all up.

cookie monster cupcakes

I certainly wasn’t the first to come up with this concept.  I’d seen them lurking around the internet in various forms before I decided to try to make them.  After some experimentation and personalized modifications I think I’ve got them down pat.

The first thing I noticed about a lot of these recipes is that they use store-bought pre-baked muffins instead of cupcakes.  The reason for this is it gives the head a much taller appearance and it allows enough room to stuff the cookie in the “mouth” without breaking through to the face, like so:

cookie monster “muffin”

I decided to use cupcakes instead for two reasons: 1.) the head gets so big with all the decorations added on that it becomes awkward to eat, and 2.) I feel lame saying I “made” a dessert if I buy most of it pre-made.  Damn Girlscouts corrupted my morals.

The other changes I made to the recipe weren’t so much structural as they were cosmetic.  The recipe I first tried called for white chocolate buttons to be used for the eyes.  I hunted high and low throughout my grocery store and found just about everything besides the ones I wanted, which is fine with me because everyone knows that white chocolate is absolutely disgusting.  I used mini marshmallows instead and had way more fun.  However, if you have a sparsely stocked local store like I do and really want to be a recipe purist you can find just about any dessert decoration you want online.

I also ditched the regular colored paper liners for something a little more eyecatching:

reynolds foil baking liners

These foil liners are absolutely perfect for a variety of awesome desserts (hmmm, perhaps even an oscar-the-grouch cupcake?)

Ingredients for the Cookie Monster Cupcakes:

1. cupcake mix

2. blue food dye

3. dried shredded coconut

4. mini marshmallows

5. mini chocolate chips

6. nilla wafers, chewy chips ahoy cookies, or any small, delicious cookie

nilla wafers

7. icing

First step: make cupcakes!

There are two ways to bake these bases for the rest of the design.  If you notice the little monsters in top picture, some of the cupcakes have cookies in the “mouth” on top, while others are through the side, like the cookie monster muffin.  It doesn’t matter which configuration you choose (though I think the ones through the top are MUCH cuter).  If you want to make the desserts with the flat top, just fill the cupcake batter up like you normally would.  If you want monsters with a more rounded head, the key factor to remember is to overfill each cupcake slightly so the tops puff up.  That way, when you cut your slit for the mouth, the cookie won’t break through the face.

Make sure you test your cupcakes with a toothpick after baking- overfilled ones will take slightly longer to bake.

Color your coconut and your icing blue.  You’ll need at least three or four drops.  After the cupcakes cool, frost them, then cut out your monster’s mouth, either on the side right above the wrapper, or on top.  You will want to go only about halfway through so the cakes don’t break.  With the coconut in a bowl, you can simply dip the frosted cupcakes in the topping to make the monster’s fur.  Push the mini chocolate chips into the mini marshmallows to create the eyes.  The marshmallows will stick easily to the face if you put a squidge of blue icing on the back, like delicious, edible glue.

Lastly, carefully shove those cookies in your little monster’s mouth.  Try not to eat them all out of the box first.


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