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Zombie Hayrides: you want romance, go shoot some paintball

So Hurricane…..no, wait, SUPERSTORM SANDY is hard at work ruining the nation’s Halloween fun, smothering the dreams of candy-hungry little tots and eye-candy-hungry frat boys (sadly, a close resemblance) in its wake of post-tropical rage.  With trick-or-treating being cancelled across the coast and slutty costumes being “weatherproofed,” will this year’s Halloween be reduced to a moldering collection of cannibalized pumpkins?

Not if the zombies have anything to say about it.

Parents, kids, and college students alike have been partaking in a new Halloween tradition this year, one that only gets more incredibly awesome with the muddy, rainy weather.  Zombie.  Hayride.  Paintball.


Combining most things we all love about Halloween– scares, fake violence, and those lovable, brain-munching flesh-bags– farms around the Midwest have been revamping the traditional autumn hayrides with mounted paintball guns and eager zombified employees.  Participants wishing to step things up from their usual video-game conquests can don a pair of safety glasses and punch holes through the marshmallow-wrapped (and hopefully well-paid) “walking dead” in several strategic stops on the nighttime tractor ride.

My boyfriend and I went last weekend, and I have to say, it was one of the most unique (and knowing my obsession with zombies, awesome) dates I’ve ever been on.  Besides, it can’t hurt to prep your moving-target shooting skills, right?

Happy Halloween!

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