Season 3 of the Walking Dead- are you ready?

Highly anticipated by avid cable fans everywhere (but not dish, as AMC likes to remind us constantly), the season 3 premier of the Walking Dead airs tonight at 9.

As true die-hard zombie fans, my boyfriend and I spent most of the weekend watching a marathon of Walking Dead’s past two seasons, comparing them to the comics and trying to guess what will happen in the mysterious West Georgia Corrections Facility.  All we know is, Lori looks WAY too pregnant in the teasers compared to how flat her stomach was at the end of the last season, Michonne is a bad-ass, and Rick is about to go ape-shit on these zombie prisoners.

If the world does go up in zombie-esque flames, I will feel even better prepared having watched others deal with the destruction of society as we know it.  We all know they’re just characters, but somehow, the Grimes Family & Co. have come to mean something to us, a tight-knit zombie-induced family group.

Oh yeah, and Merle?  Welcome back, you stumpy bastard.  We missed you.

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