The creation of a Professional Mermaid

Yes, that’s right.  I said PROFESSIONAL MERMAID.


At first, I wasn’t sure whether to take this seriously.  After all, the only professional mermaid I know of is a fictional character that died for her douchebaggy prince (sorry Disney, Ariel doesn’t actually marry her boring human beau).

Good thing we’re talking about Hannah here, not the red-headed undersea princess.

hipster ariel

Meet Hannah Fraser, a.k.a. Hannah Mermaid, the famous ocean-environmentalist turned marine-model:

I first saw a video of her on Youtube and was instantly hooked.  Not only can this Los Angelos performer freedive (diving without a breathing apparatus), she has swum with whales, stingrays, dolpins, and even sharks, all in the open ocean with just her homemade tail for protection.  She has spent most of her life perfecting her underwater movements, dancing through the sea as easily as if she were on land.

One of the reasons Hannah is so famous is because of her awesome homemade tails.  They are not only beautiful, but completely functional too, serving the purpose of a true “monofin” that actually helps propel her through the water.  She makes each tail herself, spending hours sewing on each individual iridescent scale.  It’s clear why her tails are far superior to the other “mermaids” that have followed in her footsteps.

In fact, they look so real that one of them was bitten by a shark that mistook her for an oddly-shaped fish.

While she is a dedicated environmentalist and a beautiful mermaid, I think the thing people like most about Hannah is the pure joy she exudes when she’s in the ocean.

I should have gone to college to be a professional mermaid.

If you want to see more videos and pictures of Hannah, you can (and totally should!) visit her site at or her Facebook page.

All photos taken from the Hannah Mermaid official site,

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