The Avengers: or mostly a tribute to Agent Phil

I was actually able to see a new movie BEFORE everyone else got a chance to ruin it for me!!!  Happiness!!!

As a poor college student, most of my “fun money” goes to paying rent and the occasional night out at the bar.  Nine dollars for a movie?!  Not to see Will Farrell muck up another horribly contrived plot-line.  But considering this was an awesome superhero movie based off of the even more awesome comics, AND some scenes were shot in my hometown of Cleveland, I just had to go.  Besides, it was a good excuse for my boyfriend and I to bond in our geekiness over some pregame Incredible Hulk shots (yes, they really are as disgusting as they sound).

The Incredible Hulk shot: gets you incredibly drunk at an incredibly high price!

But was The Avengers really as good as all the hype?  I sure think so.

In fact, I thought it was so good I immediately wanted to race home and post about it on my blog.  However, out of respect for all procrastinating movie goers, I restrained myself until this week so I wouldn’t inadvertently ruin anyone’s cinematic experience.  By now, I’m assuming that most of the diehard comic book fans have already seen the movie three times and thoroughly ripped it apart on the internet boards, and everyone else has resigned themselves to waiting for it to come out on DVD and hear about the highlights from their friends.  So fair blogging game; you’ve been warned.

What did I consider the best and brightest of the film?

1. Thor, Iron-Man, and Captain America’s three-way fight scene:

2. Hulk’s highly hilarious smashing scene:

Hulk smashes Loki

Loki: “I am a God! I am not going to be bullied by a…”

[Hulk shuts him up by smashing him side to side]

Hulk: “puny god.”

EVERYONE in our theater laughed so loudly at that line that I had to look it up later to be sure of what Banner said.

3. Agent Phil Coulson

Little Phil!

Seriously, is there anyone cuter or more awesome than Agent Phil in this movie?  He’s such an awkward little badass with his nerdy love for Captain American and obvious crush on Pepper Pots:

But what got me the most was Agent Phil’s completely unwanted, out-of-the-blue death scene.  Did I enjoy watching my favorite S.H.I.E.L.D.S. operative get murked?  HELL NO.  I wanted to cry.  He’s been in both Iron Man movies and quickly rose to the top of my favorite characters list as a reminder that even normal human beings can have their place in the superhero world.  Plus, he’s totally sexy.  I was SO sad that they killed off good ol’ awesome Phil, but at least he went out in a blaze of awesome demi-god ass whoopin’.  I’ve heard hopeful rumors that we have yet to see the last of this brave agent, but only the next sequel will tell.

Even if Phil is truly gone, how could anyone forget his starring role in the Marvel short for Thor’s hammer?


4. The fact that Robin from How I met your Mother played Agent Hill.


Seriously.  Merging one of my favorite sitcoms with one of the greatest comic series of all time.  Awesome.

If you have yet to see this movie, I highly recommend it as a damn good time.  Definitely deserved its record-breaking weekend debut.

Agent Phil Forever!

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