The Sad Saga of the Fembot Females: the beauty industry and what its ads are doing to women

What’s different about these pictures?

this is just scary

photoshopped fergie

demi moore already looked good here!

was the photoshop here even that necessary?

While it’s clear that some celebrities need the extra help to erase evidence of bad nights and drinking problems, why has this insatiable need for poreless perfection completely taken over our society?

Photoshop is truly everywhere: in our magazines, films, the 287 ads we are exposed to each day.  This is certainly not a new revelation for me.  I’ve recognized for many years the effects these unrealistic ads have had on my own personal expectations for beauty.  Ever since I was a teenager, I’d stare at those glossy magazine advertisements for mascara and facial creme and just WISH that my skin was that smooth or my hair that thick and shiny.  I had known, of course, that these women were all super-gorgeous Italian models picked especially for their tiny waists and good bone structure.  I knew that these ultra-leggy swim suit babes had nice skin and curves in all the right places, whether God-given or surgeon-created.  In other words, I knew that they were the cream-of-the-crop when it came to standards of human beauty.  I also knew that the industry hired best-of-the-best professionals that used perfect lighting and clever photoshoots to make their subjects appear flawless.

But until I was in highschool and took publishing classes, I never understood just how unattainable this portrayed brand of “flawless” actually was.  I had heard of Photoshop, but never even imagined what exactly it was capable of.

Now, I’m certainly not bashing Adobe and their wonderful line of artistic software.  As a freelance copywriter and graphic designer, I am dependent on these products to allow me to do my job, and really, the range of abilities this technology encompasses is extraordinary.

I only wish that our society didn’t prefer the robotic, antiseptic perfection of magazine articles to the real thing, because it’s rather disturbing to see that even after all the hours of makeup and professional photos, models still aren’t “beautiful” enough:

Till next time!


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