Some food for thought

Hey guys,

It’s the end of the quarter here in Cincinnati, which means I am currently inundated with papers and exams.  I really appreciate everyone who’s been reading my blog and I promise I will be posting another recipe soon.

In the meantime, I saw this picture being passed around facebook and I decided to repost it here.  As a woman who recently escaped this situation about a year ago, this really hit home for me.

taken from

“My rapist doesn’t know he’s a rapist.  You taught him it wasn’t his fault.  I drank too much, flirted and my shorts too short.  I was asking for it.  He left me in a parking garage staircase.  My (ex)Boyfriend spit in my face.  He called me a SLUT, he called me a whore.  I deserved it.  My friends gave me dirty looks.  They called me trash, not realizing, it could have been them.  This culture, your culture, my culture, told them, told me, this was my fault.  And I suffered.  But, my rapist doesn’t know he’s a rapist.  I am not ashamed.  I will take a stand.”

-SLUTWALK D.C. 2011, Anonymous.

To all the women out there, perhaps especially all the college-aged women, never be afraid to demand respect.  If you don’t expect it from your partners, even if you’re not “abused,” you’ll still be less than you can be.  My heart goes out to this girl and all the women who are taken advantage of.

To all the guys, no matter what your age, please remember that every woman is someone’s daughter or sister or mother or friend.  A guy who treats a woman with respect is a true man.  A guy who uses a woman is just a sad little boy.

Love is such a gift!

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