Easy Peasy Key Lime Pleasy

A nearly FAT FREE key lime pie recipe that takes five minutes to make?!


I know what you’re thinking.  The only sweet treat you can make in five minutes is instant pudding.  And besides, all fat free desserts taste icky.

Not this little dessert, my friends.

It being Valentine’s day and all, I decided to make this post in honor of my boyfriend.  Key lime pie is his favorite dessert, and I often make it for him when he comes to visit.

Unfortunately, since we are currently living in different cities and I’m not seeing him till this weekend, my roommates are going to have to eat it instead.

Let me tell you, they were super disappointed.

the lone survivor

I got this recipe off of a Keebler’s Pie shell insert.  I’m proud to say that after several tries, I’ve improved it somewhat.  So easy, even a college student who burns ramen noodles can do it (you know who you are).

Ingredients for one super easy key lime pie:

1. 1/4 cup water

2. 1 package lime-flavor gelatin (4-serving size, sugar free)

3. 2 containers fat-free key lime pie yogurt (6 oz. each)

4. 1 (8 oz.) tub of COOL WHIP

otherwise known as food crack.

5. 1 chocolate pie crust (forget the graham cracker)

Step one: boil water by whatever method is easiest for you.  Since my microwave copped out last month, I’ve resorted to using my electric kettle.

Step two: whisk in jello until it is COMPLETELY DISSOLVED.  Use a large bowl.

I cannot stress the importance of this step enough.  If the jello is not COMPLETELY DISSOLVED, you will end up with lumps.  Gross, delicious lumps.

Pour both yogurts into the bowl.


(Please ignore the bengals popcorn tin in the background, I am a (somewhat) proud supporter of the Browns!)

Step three: with an electric beater, whisk both yogurts into the dissolved jello mixture.

tasty green soup. at least it's fat free!

See those green lumps?  My fault for not whisking the jello long enough.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Step four: fold in the entire tub of COOL WHIP into the mix.  Resist the temptation to eat any.

One spoonful didn’t hurt anyone.

Continue to beat the mixture until the COOL WHIP has turned light green and everything is combined.

pie crust at the ready

Spoon your filling into the waiting jaws of your crust.  Let set at least a couple hours before serving.

Lucy lurking in the background, waiting for that pie.

My additions to the recipe:

Take an additional tub of COOL WHIP.  Use a few spoonfuls to add an additional layer of creamy goodness to the top of the pie.

Garnish with a cut up lime and dark chocolate shavings before serving.

Simply smile when people say, “You made that?!”

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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